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What are the Patterns of Chatbot Adoption on Interpersonnal Relationships?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

My research aims to study Human Beings in the context of Virtual Assistant organizational adoption.

Virtual assistants are Artificial Intelligence solutions that allow users’ conversational exchanges with computer systems enabled by Natural Language Processing technologies (NLP).

This disruptive technology seeks to restore trust between the human and the computer [23] and to reintroduce task comfort and well-being [10]. Known for both personal and professional uses, they are expected to be the next master piece of industrial conversation [4], the norm by 2025 [18].

Chatbots are mainly developed to reinforce digital marketing and modernize client relations. In the meantime, enterprises are starting to rely on them for internal uses, like information systems, human resources and administrative support self-services.

Many studies that are interested in the phenomenon, focus on the customers’ perception of their human attributes such as abilities for conversations and emotions to amplify natural interactions. However, little research emphasizes on AI adoption impacts on the employees’ attitudes and behaviors.

I am qualified with a BAA, DESS, MS., MSc., M2 in HR and have gain more than 15 years’ experience in Quality and Change Management focusing on Methods and Tools to facilitate People Management.

Admissible for PhD...

I would love to develop Academic and Professional Collaborations leading to significant findings in the field of Management Sciences, in both the Digital and the ‘Ego’ era.

Kindly find my research proposal insights as a basis to engage meaningful conversations, from which we can be build stronger and smarter.

About this research proposal: Advanced technology must evolve along with growing spirits, human mentalities. So, we seek how digital adoption can impact the nature of our interactions. Is it positive or negative? Does it increase or decrease?

Can Artificial Intelligence reinforce ‘Compliance to Human Interactions’?

As hundreds of hours have been spent on this work, ordering this narrative is your commitment to Respect, Consideration and Ethics toward my contributions.

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