Re: FW: Assistant Manager? Digital Consultant? Senior Advisor?

Dear Mr Bali, I am following the contact through Mr Lecoustey. I think you were working with Millicom Team in 2008, but I am not sure. I tried to call you. If you are short in time, it is good news that you may need me to assist you :-) Shall we have a little phone meeting and see if we can move forward for a fruitful collaboration, for the position of Digital and Transformation Consultant (still available online) and/or other needs that my competences can fulfill? Attached, my résume

Thanks for your reply, whatever it is. Best regards, Sarah Febrissy 691 77 19 09

Ajay Bali <>


À moi

Hi Sarah,

Indeed I remember you very well from 2008 and think we worked together on Millicom and it’s very nice hearing from you and hope you doing well.

Regarding the Digital profile, we have evaluated your resume and sorry to say it does not fit for what we are looking for.

Nonetheless we have the resume and if we see in future any related profiles, we will come back to you.

Kind regards,


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