KYC Assistant?

Bonjour Madame Biemans,

Je trouve ce poste très intéressant

Ci-joint un CV, si vous voulez bien considérer ma candidature pour cette opportunité.

Salutations distinguées



YOUR MISSIONS: * Establish efficient channels of communication with the relevant Financial Intermediaries; * Ensure the timely and accurate input of the relevant legal and administrative documentation on behalf of the Front Office services; * Contribute to the development of an Information System appropriate for the purposes of maintaining up-to-date information in the context of the ?Know-your-Customer? measures and controls; * Advise on the appropriate implementation of the Compliance Operational Procedure and promote innovation and improvements, when necessary; * Document the relevant compliance ?Events? in the Corporate Information System;


YOUR PROFILE: * Certified secondary-level education, ideally complemented with of complementary studies (2 years or more) in a relevant subject (e.g. business administration, economics, finance, law etc.); * Strong Excel skills (ability to manage/manipulate data). Knowledge of additional data management IT Applications, would be an advantage; * Excellent knowledge of English (oral and written). Knowledge of other EU languages would be an asset. * At least 3 years of relevant experience. Professional experience in a role including external coordination with clients and managing flows of legal and administrative documentation involving tight deadlines would be considered as a clear advantage

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